Perfect your Pitch Part 2: How to identify relevant bloggers for your blogger outreach

blog 2The last 12 months have been about the influencers. From million dollar earnings to millions of social media followers, bloggers are ripping up the rule book and breaking the mold when it comes to social celebrity. If you want to engage with them and run a successful blogger outreach campaign as part of wider interior design marketing strategies, you’ll first need to know how to identify relevant bloggers and influencers…

Step 1: Know your audience

In order to identify which bloggers will have the most respected voices for your audience, you first have to know your audience. Create a persona for the demographic you are targeting with this phase of blogger outreach. You have have multiple types of clients but you don’t need to target every one with each blogger outreach. Segment your audience and identify one type of persona. Then you can focus on finding bloggers that best connect with that type of consumer. Trying to cast too wide a net will leave your blogger outreach floundering.

  1. Step 2: Start thinking about bloggers

Know you know what your audience is interested in, you can start to determine which bloggers resonate best with that audience. If you know that you want to target bloggers that are big in the crafting world for example because your audience like to add a personal touch to their homes, you’d start by looking at the top crafting blogs. You may want to add other topics to this, such as interior design or lifestyle blogs. If you’re targeting a particular area, you’ll also want to note down town and state.

Step 3: Gather your tools

The process of identifying influencers can be painstaking but, there are tools available to make it a little easier. You can turn to Hootsuite as mentioned in part 1, or you can use something like Buzzsumo. If you have more tools at your disposal to support your interior design SEO plans, premium tools like Cision and Meltwater are ideal.

Step 4: Now identify the bloggers you want to connect with

Once you have your topics and tools, you can start to actually identify relevant bloggers. You’ll need to be discerning here and rank possible candidates by some kind of value system. Remember, not all bloggers are created equal. This is a business transaction so to avoid giving away a lot of product to bloggers with very low visitor numbers, you may want to add visitors as one metric or blog subscribers. YOU could also look at frequency of posts, popularity on social media, the number of social shares each post generates and how much of a community exists in the blog. Does each post get lots of comments for example?

This step is also a little subjective and will tie back to the goals you set and the persona you have identified. Don’t dismiss the smaller blogs right away – if they are newer but still meet some of the other criteria such as having a very engaged follower base, they can be just as valuable as the blogs with millions of followers.