Houzz inspiration – the 10 hottest interior designers and what we can learn from them

From humble start-up to globally used interior design platform, Houzz is one of the world’s most popular home décor websites. Today it plays host to a community of over 35 million homeowners and home design professionals peppered across the planet. For decorators in search of top notch professionals, and professionals in search of new clients, it’s a must visit […]

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Photo by Robert Scoble

Are You Maximising Your Google AdWords ROI?

From the world’s richest Fortune 500 companies to brand spanking new SMEs that are just getting started, you can bet that Google AdWords campaigns are at the top of the marketing priority list. Of course, not all Google AdWords campaigns are created equal which is why it’s so important to ensure that your spend is generating your business genuine […]

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7 Quick Advertising Ideas for Interior Designers

The interior design industry is cut throat, with oodles of wildly talented professionals competing for clients. This means that if you want to get ahead, you’ll need to arm your business with a hard hitting advertising strategy designed to convert at every opportunity. Here’s how! Get Listed in Online Directories Did you know that MineWhat.com has revealed that […]

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4 New Ways to Market Your Business on Houzz

As one of the world’s biggest platforms for home décor inspiration, Houzz is a must utilise tool for any interior designer. It’s essentially a global social network with colossal sales potential, and we’re here to show you how to tap into it. Ready to supercharge your Houzz marketing strategy? Read on for four fabulous new ways to market your […]

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3 Ways to Cross Promote Your Interior Design Content

When it comes to winning over new interior design clients a powerful cross promotion strategy is an absolute must. Content is an essential part of growing your business, expanding your customer base and ensuring that when people want to create beautiful spaces, you’re there to deliver. So how can you ensure that every piece of content you publish […]

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25 Free Interior Design Marketing Strategies You May Not Have Tried

Do you run a fabulous interior design business but can’t quite seem to drum up the clientele you need to get it up and running? We’re here to help! Read on as we explore 25 free marketing strategies that you may not have dabbled in yet. Who knows, they could just be your new best […]

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15 Ways to Use Social Media and Win New Clients

Social media is one of the most powerful tools an interior design business can leverage. However unlike the personal side of social, creating a killer business strategy isn’t quite as simple as posting a cute pic and watching the ‘likes’ roll in. So how can you use social media to win over new clients and […]

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10 SEO Resources to Bookmark Now

Regardless of how stunning your website, how captivating your content or how amazing your product, the fact is that without an effective SEO strategy your efforts are inept. With the interior design industry encompassing a plethora of creative keywords it’s essential to make sure that your online platforms are peppered with words, terms and phrases […]

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The 6 Best Apps to Make Managing Your Marketing More Efficient

Managing your Marketing Takes a Lot of Work, How Can You Make It Easier? Any SME owner will testify that when it comes to drumming up new business, marketing is key. Thankfully, modern day businesses enjoy access to a plethora of technological tools designed to make the process of managing your marketing faster and smarter […]

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Lead Generation: The Carrot

In our last installment of the marketing funnel series we covered the very top of the funnel. This is where you have the Awareness or Attention of the person. These are the first two stages of the AIDA Marketing Funnel. While we have their attention, you are going to want to peak their “Interest”. This […]

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