The 6 Best Apps to Make Managing Your Marketing More Efficient

Managing your Marketing Takes a Lot of Work, How Can You Make It Easier? Any SME owner will testify that when it comes to drumming up new business, marketing is key. Thankfully, modern day businesses enjoy access to a plethora of technological tools designed to make the process of managing your marketing faster and smarter […]

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Lead Generation: The Carrot

In our last installment of the marketing funnel series we covered the very top of the funnel. This is where you have the Awareness or Attention of the person. These are the first two stages of the AIDA Marketing Funnel. While we have their attention, you are going to want to peak their “Interest”. This […]

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Content Marketing: The Top of the Funnel

The “sales funnel” is a multi-step process where you guide potential customers to being actual customers. Much like a funnel, the beginning is wider and the end is narrower. This is because your number of potential clients is much larger than the number of people that wind up being actual clients. When building our sales funnel, we […]

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Finding my “Why”

I recently read the book Start with Why by Simon Sinek. The book has a very interesing premise: all the truely great companies in the world start with their purpose, and everything they do is driven by that purpose. “Make money” cannot be the purpose, making money is the definition of a business, if you […]

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You need a plan to sell your services online

Selling Services Online

How Are You Selling Services Online? It’s relatively easy to understand how to sell with your website when you sell books, clothes, even vacations or furniture. But how can you sell with your website when your service or product is high touch? A “High-Touch” service is one where the consultant and the client have a […]

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How to Improve your marketing in 30 days

You can drastically improve your marketing and your business in only 30 days…or really, any aspect of your life. Its a fact that we all know what needs to be done to improve a given aspect of our lives. For example, the health and fitness industry is huge, multi-billion dollar sector. But nobody wants to hear “eat […]

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Marketing on Houzz, a Simple, 5 Step Plan

What is Houzz? Why should I care about it? Houzz is a social network specific to the Interior Design and Home Improvement market. If you are familiar with Pinterest, its like Pinterest for the HGTV crowd. Design and home improvement enthusiasts can create inspiration boards for the rooms they want to decorate or the projects they […]

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Cost Effective Marketing: Hidden Value in Things We Discard

In California, a woman recently dropped of several things to be recycled. Among them was a $200,000 computer! A South Bay recycling firm is looking for a woman who, in early April, dropped off boxes of electronics that she had cleaned out from her house after her husband died. About two weeks later, the firm, […]

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You Need to Be Crazy and Unreasonable to Get Clients for Your Business

I was talking to a fellow parent yesterday and discussion turned to what we do for a living. When I said I worked as an independent consultant, the big question was “Where do you find work?” The answer was a combination of sales, networking, and contacts. It was simply small talk, but it occurred to […]

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What the Sales Person Isn’t Telling You About the Inbound Marketing Automation System They’re Selling You

Recently, I was evaluating options to purchase an inbound marketing automation platform. I was talking to the 800lb Gorilla in that industry (seriously, if you google the term “Inbound Marketing Automation”, they have results 2 and 3…Wikipedia is number 1, and their partners are about half the ads). At the end, I hesitated to spend […]

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