7 Ways to Make Your Business Blog Better

better blog Your business blog is an important part of your website and of your marketing to interior designers and other customers. It helps you to showcase your knowledge and acts as a sticky pad – a section that visitors will spend a chunk of time and will return to time and time again in order to see what’s new, much like you do when you buy a daily newspaper or monthly magazine.

Your blog is also the part of the site that will work hardest for your link building efforts, giving a natural pool of pages that visitors will link back to, share and recommend. All of that makes a lackluster blog a smorgasbord of missed opportunities and a threat to any successful digital marketing campaign.

If your business blog is not performing as it should, try these 7 tips to make it better right now…

  1. Install analytics: If you don’t have an analytics package already plugged in to your blog, now is the time to sit down and get it down. Google Analytics is one of the best out there and is totally free to use. If your blog is failing to generate likes, conversions or shares, the answer will likely sit within this pool of data. Something as similar as ranking posts by visitor numbers will give you a huge insight into the type of content that is most popular with your audience. You can use this knowledge to plan a hot selection of new blog posts, around themes and subjects you know your audience is hungry for.


  1. Be picky about pictures: Even if your written content is top notch, poor image selection can turn visitors off. Subscribe to a decent image library if you don’t have your own branded pictures to add a polished look to your posts. If you have access to a graphic designer, consider commissioning some blog illustrations or try your own hand at it with an easy to use graphic design app such as Canva.


  1. Add social share buttons


You want to maximise the performance of your blog to make sure you squeeze as much ROI from it as possible. Add social share buttons to each post (this is easily done with a plug in on some platforms) so that your visitors can do the work of spreading your best content for you.


  1. Create a content and editorial calendar


You might be super busy marketing on Houzz one week and on site with a client the next, leaving little time to update your business blog and even less time to brainstorm ideas. Get into the habit of scheduling posts and use a content and editorial calendar. Use these two documents to pre-plan posts so there is never too big a gap in your publishing schedule and so you don’t miss out on key holidays and events.


  1. Don’t be afraid of video


A blog doesn’t have to be dedicated to the written word. Video marketing is coming of age with numerous studies showing it to be an incredibly motivational and engaging medium. Some analysts suggest it’s 65% more likely to result in a click through so it’s potential should not be underestimated.


  1. Interact with your audience


Good blogs interact with their audience and engage with the reader. You can achieve this as easily as asking for comments at the end of each post. Give your readers a reason to communicate with you and voice their opinions and you’ll see them coming back more and more frequently.


  1. Don’t use your blog as a sales space


It’s a common mistake to use a business blog as an extension of your sales efforts. While it may be tempting, you’ll actually be turning your audience off. Increase the quality of your blog and make it a top-notch resource by steering away from the sales patter and focusing instead on original, high quality content. Posts that educate and inform, that solve a problem or teach a skill will be much more valuable to your brand than a glorified sales pitch.