3 Simple Ways to get more Facebook Likes

facebook likeOf all the social media channels you use, Facebook is likely the one that you find hardest to grow. While it is relatively quick and easy to accrue followers on Twitter and Instagram through posting and following alone, and then use that audience to build shares and likes, it is much harder on Facebook to gather the same kind of momentum.


The size of Facebook alone means it’s naturally harder to gain traction. Facebook itself acknowledges that only around a fifth of all posts appear in fans newsfeeds. Back in 2012, it was estimated than only 16% of a brand’s fans saw posts made by any given business page. As the platform has grown bigger, organic reach of posts has dipped even further. There is a simple explanation for this – competition is so intense with more than 45 million active business pages alone that it is much harder to gain newsfeed prominence and stand out from the crowd. If you’re running an interior design advertising agency or using Facebook alongside a Houzz local marketing program, the question is, how can you get more Facebook likes? Try these three strategies…


  1. Advertise

Investing in Facebook advertising is a low cost, measurable and quick way to get more likes. As Facebook ads can be targeted, you can narrowly define your target market to add more value to the campaign. This means you can pinpoint exactly the kind of audience you want to reach, tailoring the segments according to your brand and the post or website being advertised. This narrow, very precise approach is both cost and time effective. You can use ads to advertise the page as a whole or boost a specific post, making it a suitable option whether you are trying to increase page likes or post likes.


  1. Employ cross-channel integration

Building a Facebook is a time consuming endeavour so don’t be afraid to mix it up by integrating with other more mature channels. If you have a large email marketing database for example, add your Facebook page link into your email template. You could also reference specific posts within the newsletter text itself to encourage your already loyal and engaged email audience to make the leap to Facebook fan.


  1. Provide incentives

Don’t be afraid to use incentives as means of boosting likes. Many brands try competitions and giveaways. This can done simply by offering a prize or product sample for everyone who likes and comments on a certain post. If your Facebook audience isn’t strong enough to sustain this, use your other more popular social media channels with the stipulation that those liking the page and sharing a certain post will go into a prize draw. Not only will this boost likes, the sharing aspect of the incentive will also expose your page to your fans’ wider network – potentially generating more likes.