3 Reasons You Should Include Press Release in Your Online Marketing Strategy

Press-ReleaseIf you’ve been handling your interior design marketing for a while, the chances are you have considered or even tried press release creation and distribution as part of your marketing mix. Need more convincing? Let’s look at exactly why you should include press releases in your marketing strategy…
1. You may have heard PRs are bad for SEO. This is no longer the case.
Post Panda, PRs got a bit of a bad rep online. Google seriously devalued releases, citing the flood of companies swamping the web with poorly written PRs with no news value in an attempt to boost their rankings. Web masters were advised to add nofollow tags to links in PRs in order to protect their good standing and many businesses began to question the value of press releases as part of their strategy.
If you’re a PR or marketing professional, you’ll know the value of a press release over and above generating a link for Google. The good news is that the search engine has reversed its decision, albeit with little fanfare, and admitted that releases, when prepared correctly, can be useful. If you’ve been avoiding PRs in order to stay on the right side of Panda 4.0, you can now safely add this hardworking tool back into your interior design marketing strategies.
2. A PR replicates the effect of good SEO

The purpose of SEO is to increase your website’s standings in Google, in order to improve visibility and attract more traffic to your website. A strong PR can replicate this effect by generating much more awareness about your business, project or service. If you have a strong news angle and a killer distribution list, you can generate lots of positive media coverage on sites that are important to your target market. This ramping up of exposure means you harness the power of the domains covering your news, giving you lots of opportunities to drive traffic to your site and get on the radar of your preferred demographic.

The key to maximising this opportunity is making sure you have a genuine news angle and taking the time to identify and engage with highly relevant media outlets and individuals.

3. They’re a great way to generate buzz and establish credibility
If you’re interacting with clients and completing projects every day, you’re likely doing great and interesting things. But, without a press release, how will the wider world get to learn about these achievements? Press releases are great to create a buzz. Looks to big brands like Apple for inspiration if you need to, but don’t fall into the trap of thinking your firm doesn’t do enough to justify PR. Used regularly, press release create a store of buzz about your brand. Post them on your website, push via your social media, send to industry and local press regularly and you’ll start to create awareness of your brand and build a great legacy of interesting stories. This buzz could be the thing a new client sees when searching for a service just like yours, creating a hot lead from a cold prospect.

If you post your press releases on your site, they create a store of optimised, naturally keyword rich content but, they’ll also showcase your capabilities to visitors, cementing your authority.

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