3 online reputation management tips to build your brand like a pro

online-reputation-brand-management 3If you have just one or two negative search results associated with your brand, the impact on bookings can be devastating. This type of negative publicity can also impact on other areas including the ability to attract strong candidates for job openings and a loss of opportunities such as being invited to participate in exhibitions or seminars.

The abundance of online review sites and social media platforms mean it’s impossible to control what is said about your brand digitally. Even if some comments are wildly untrue, the very fact that they pop up in the search results means they can cause lasting damage. So how can you make sure that negative reviews and customer gripes don’t undo all of the good work you’ve put in on your interior design SEO and marketing efforts?

  1. Monitor online brand mentions


One of the best ways to build your brand like a pro is to make sure you always know what is being said about you. Monitor online brand mentions so you can nip any potential problems in the bud as they occur. Some mentions won’t warrant any action but, if you can see a problem brewing before it gets the chance to spread like wildfire, you can tackle it and limit the damage to your reputation.


There are a number of brand name mentioning tools available, some free and others which require a subscription. If you don’t have the budget for a dedicated tool, set up Google Alerts as a minimum. A low cost tool like Hootsuite will help you monitor for brand mentions across social media.


  1. Have a Crisis Management Plan


All savvy brands with an online presence should have a crisis communications and management plan. This will set out key things such as core staff responsibilities and actions in the face of a crisis. It may set out when social media or websites need to go dark, have draft messages of apology or responses to detractors which can be adapted and issued as soon as possible after a problem rears its head. The quicker and more professionally you respond to a genuine crisis, the lower the collateral damage to your online reputation.


  1. Be Proactive about Positive News

Whether it’s issuing a PR for every completed project, seeding great client feedback through social media or being consistent with news messaging, blogs and social posts, being proactive is one of the best ways to manage your online reputation. The more positive news you have out there, the less space for negative.